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Mix of 15mm High-Protein, Nutrient-Dense boilies & dumbells | Triple-soaked and air-dried over 72 hours With extra added attractants and essences for enticing larger fish | Super durable bait made for U.S. waters Original Homemade Recipe | Suitable for all weather conditions Approximately 40 boilies & dumbells per tub | Easy to use with any bait needle | Made especially for hair rigs **NOT TO BE USED WITH HOOKS** | Designed to stay on the hair rig when casting for distance

Note: 'Dumbells' refers to the shape of the boilie product - the product does not include dumbell bait stops

15mm Strawberry Banana Boilies + Dumbells

  • Homemade boilies have been helping the Austin Carp Guide and Wicked Carp Company owner Neville Bebbington, land record numbers of Carp and Catfish ever since he first started making them in Liverpool, England over three decades ago. Ever since, Neville has dedicated years to perfecting his recipes until he was confident they would stand the test of time. Made from a bird-seed base-mix and a special blend of flours, this boilie stimulates and promotes a sustained feeding response in all weather conditions all year round. All of our flavors have been field tested throughout Texas and are proven to be highly successful in catching wild Common Carp, Smallmouth Buffalo Carp, Grass Carp, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfish.

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